The uWSGI project aims at developing a full stack for building hosting services.

Application servers (for various programming languages and protocols), proxies, process managers and monitors are all implemented using a common api and a common configuration style.

Thanks to its pluggable architecture it can be extended to support more platforms and languages.

Currently, you can write plugins in C, C++ and Objective-C.

The "WSGI" part in the name is a tribute to the namesake Python standard, as it has been the first developed plugin for the project.

Versatility, performance, low-resource usage and reliability are the strengths of the project (and the only rules followed).

Supported Languages/Platforms

See the following table for a list of current language plugins:

TechnologyAvailable from versionNotesStatus
Python 0.9.1 The first available plugin, supports WSGI (PEP333, PEP3333), Web3 from version 0.9.7-dev and Pump (from Works with VirtualEnv, Multiple Python interpreters, Python3k and has unique features like module aliasing, DynamicVirtualenv and uGreen. A module exporting handy Decorators for the uWSGI api is available in the source distribution. PyPy support is available starting from 1.2. From 1.3 the Tracebacker has been addedStable (100% uwsgi api support)
Lua0.9.5 Support wsapi, coroutine and threadsStable (60% uwsgi api support)
Perl0.9.5 PSGI support. multiple interpreters, threading and async modes supportedStable (60% uwsgi api support)
Ruby0.9.7-dev Rack and RubyOnRails support. A loop engine for Ruby 1.9 fibers is available as well as a handy DSL modulestable (80% uwsgi api support)
Erlang0.9.5 allows message exchanging between uWSGI and Erlang nodes. ErlangIntegrationStable (no uwsgi api support)
CGI1.0-dev run CGI scriptsStable (no uwsgi api support)
PHP1.0-dev run PHP scriptsstable from 1.1 (5% uwsgi api support)
Go1.4 run Go applicationstable from (20% uwsgi api support)
JVM1.9-dev allows integration between uWSGI and the JVM. An example WSGI-like (jwsgi) handler is availableStable
mono1.9-dev allows running Mono ASP.NET applicationsStable
V81.9.3allows integration with the javascript V8 engineBeta

Documentation (links pointing to readthedocs are updated, the others are old reference)

Get it

The current (stable and LTS) release can be downloaded from:

(released 20140701)

The old/previous LTS release can be downloaded from:

(released 20130823)

Code repositories

latest code (can be unstable, experimental or hard to compile)

Developers/Users mailing list

Please note that with a large open source project such as uWSGI, the code and the documentation may not always be in sync. This mailing list is the best source for help regarding uWSGI.

Official IRC channel (freenode)


The owner of the channel is "unbit"

Gmane mirror


Commercial support

You can buy commercial support from

Donate (if you want)

Even if the uWSGI development is sponsored by a company (Unbit) and its customers, and you can buy commercial support and licensing, you may want to support it in a less bureaucratic way. If you are not an Unbit customer, or you cannot/donotwant to buy a commercial license consider making a donation. Obviously, feel free to ask for new features in your donation. We will give credits to everyone will want to sponsor new features.

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