Easily (and fast) deploy your Paste apps (from 0.9.4 release)

If you are a user/developer of a paste-compatible framework/app (as Pylons and Turbogears) you can use the uWSGI --paste option to quick deploy your application.

For example, you have a virtualenv in /opt/tg2env containing a Turbogears app (addressbook) configured in the /opt/tg2env/addressbook/development.ini file:

uwsgi --paste config:/opt/tg2env/addressbook/development.ini --socket :3031 -H /opt/tg2env

It is all here. No configuration files nor additional python modules to write !!


If you setup multiple process/workers you will receive a:

AssertionError: The EvalException middleware is not usable in a multi-process environment

you have to set the debug option (in your paste configuration file) to false (or revert to single process environment)